WP Council Approves Hotel Permit

Published December 12, 2018, in Weatherford Democrat
Written By: Autumn Owens

The Willow Park city council unanimously approved a special use permit and site plan for the Springhill Suites by Marriott 60-foot hotel that is proposed to be constructed behind The Shops at Willow Park.

During the public hearing Tuesday, community members Jean Martin and Marcy Galle questioned the process with concerns about the permit and Interstate 20 Overlay District.

“The process staff is using on this agenda item is very confusing and is not currently covered by zoning and use ordinances in our codes,” according to Galle’s email she sent in for the public hearing. “Please understand that I am not against the hotel, but I am against the misuse of this application of the city codes.”

WP Planning Consultant Betty Chew addressed the reason of the special use permit.

“The reason for the special use or specific use request is there is ambiguity,” Chew said. “It is not clear from the map, if this crosses part of [the Interstate 20 Overlay District] or doesn’t cross part of it, so therefore there is a provision in the I-20 Overlay District for a specific use if the structure exceeds 50 feet in height. It has PD and commercial zoning.”

Kyle Wilks, president of Wilks Development, said having a hotel has been the plan from the beginning.

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