New economic development council, strategy unveiled

Published on Star-Telegram, April, 25, 2017

In the shadow of scaffolding, bricklayers paused for a moment at the Shops in Willow Park when the announcement was made of the formation of a new economic development council and its strategy.

On Friday, business leaders and stakeholders in Parker County launched a new economic development initiative geared toward more cohesive and less fragmented growth.

“We’re not going to compete among cities, we’re going to work together,” said Jim Eggleston, Chairman of the newly-formed Economic Development Council of Parker County. “A rising tide floats all boats.”

Eggleston said he was “very passionate” about the purpose of the organization and that, as a group, they learned quickly that the economic base includes the entire county.

“The purpose of this entity is to pursue, enhance, maintain and promote economic development and commerce in Parker County,” he said. “The Council intends to take a planned, non-political approach to seeking long-term economic growth of this Parker County and every community therein, focusing on quality growth with sustainable employment.”

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