Historic 1930s Farmers Market in Fort Worth Is Getting A Face Lift

Published April 6, 2022, in The Real Deal

From old-timey farmers market to an urban senior living facility, Fort Worth’s historic Public Market building is getting a makeover to keep up with the times.

Wilks Development is behind the renovation. The local developer is looking to satisfy demand for senior communities in Fort Worth’s urban landscape, according to the Dallas Business Journal.

The plans for the development include a 199-unit community, called the Harden, that will be built around the old trading center. The Public Market building will be open to the public as Wilks intends to convert the historic structure back into a community hub.

The Henderson Street farmers market and retail center was first opened to the public in 1930. Developer John J. Harden spent a total of $150,000–more than $2.5 million today– on the project.

“The public has to be able to relive what the public market was like back in the ‘30s when it was built,” said Kyle Wilks, president and CEO of Wilks Development. “That’s our task, is to create that public atmosphere.”

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