Creating Lasting Value

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Wilks Development is a real estate company founded with a mission to create high-quality, community-focused real estate projects that serve the needs of the people who inhabit them. We do not measure developments by price tag or square footage but by their lasting benefits to those who live, work, and play there. We see our work as a partnership with the communities we serve, which is why we are committed to creating spaces that enhance people’s lives, support local businesses, and contribute to a vibrant, sustainable future.

Since our founding in 2012, brothers: Kyle and Josh Wilks, along with their cousin: Jess Green, have built a diverse portfolio of real estate projects, from sturdy stone storefronts, multi-family communities, and commercial offices to vibrant, walkable neighborhoods. By prioritizing quality and community impact over short-term gains, Wilks Development has proven that its approach consistently creates more value and success for not only Wilks Development but also for its investors and everyone involved.


Kyle Wilks, CEO and President of Wilks Development

Kyle Wilks

CEO, President
Josh Wilks, Executive Vice President of Wilks Development

Josh Wilks

Executive Senior Vice President
Jess Green, Senior Vice President of Wilks Development

Jess Green

Senior Vice President

Our Team

Madison Back, Executive Assistant at Wilks Development

Madison Back

Executive Assistant
Cynthia Campos, Investor Relations at Wilks Development

Cynthia Campos

Investor Relations
Marketing & Events Specialist
Miguel Chung, CFO of Wilks Development

Miguel Chung

Chief Financial Officer
Amber Dennis, Staff Accountant at Wilks Development

Amber Dennis

Staff Accountant
Nicole Ellis, Digital Marketing Manager at Wilks Development

Nicole Ellis

Digital Marketing Manager
Charles Gorman, Controller of Wilks Development

Charles Gorman

Brittany Hardin, VP of Property Management

Brittany Hardin

Vice President of Property Management
Brad Harvell, Maintenance Supervisor at Wilks Property Management

Brad Harvell

Maintenance Supervisor
Tim Herman, Senior Investment Manager of Wilks Development

Tim Herman

Senior Investment Manager
Rachel Hughes, Assistant Controller of Wilks Development

Rachel Hughes

Assistant Controller
Chad Long, Development Manager at Wilks Development

Chad Long

Development Manager
Ilee McClellin, Administrative Assistant at Wilks Development

Ilee McClellin

Administrative Assistant
Martin Montelongo, Maintenance at Wilks Property Management

Martin Montelongo


Benny Owens

HVAC Technician
Yannet Pena, Executive Assistant at Wilks Development

Yannet Pena

Executive Assistant
Keith Rowland, Director of Maintenance at Wilks Development

Keith Rowland

Director of Maintenance
Sonia Ruiz, Commercial Property Manager at Wilks Development

Sonia Ruiz

Commercial Property Manager
Jacinda Taylor, AP/AR Associate of Wilks Development

Jacinda Taylor

AP/AR Associate
Lori Weeks, Executive Assistant at Wilks Development

Lori Weeks

Executive Assistant